Puppy 4.1alpha2 uploaded

It seems to be working alright, so have just now uploaded it.

Last night I did a test install to hard drive, both full and frugal, it worked fine.

Today I'm in Perth. My relative has a USB floppy drive, and I am getting inconsistent behaviour. Haven't puzzled it out yet, but decided not to let that hold up 4.1alpha2. The kernel seems to recognise it sometimes, sometimes not.

Haven't added Urban Soul's patch to network wizard yet.

Get this alpha2 from the usual place:

The 'devx_402.sfs' file is identical to the 'devx_401.sfs' file.

Note that this build does not support true scsi at all. No modules included. I intend to follow Slackware's example and build a couple of scsi-kernels. Scsi will be built in, replacing the sata drivers in the kernel, so probably kernel will be about the same size.

Regarding modules, this build has all modules in the pup_402.sfs file, no zdrv. I've been rethinking the whole thing again.

My apologies to anyone who misunderstood about alpha1. I did emphasise that it was for developers only, but the label "alpha" seemed to imply that it was ready for wider testing. Hopefully this alpha2 is more suited to wider testing.

Posted on 5 Jun 2008, 12:20


Posted on 5 Jun 2008, 13:54 by GeoW
looks Good!
Successful download - both md5 match - sending this from 4.02. Now I need to defrag so I can have a save file.

Good job Barry, I wasn' t expecting this for days,


Posted on 5 Jun 2008, 15:10 by nic2109
WiFi Firmware
Still no joy with my WiFi card - detected but not activated. I'll post more on the Forum.


Posted on 5 Jun 2008, 15:27 by Lobster
Mouse tale
Tried 3 different mice
the serial mouse worked - strangely - post on forum under bugs
so improvements - need mouse :)

You must be posting from Perth - any pics from there? Puppy in OZ . . . Wot no windmill pics lately? :)

Skype should work quite well with broadband (there is a Puppy 4 version) - at least for audio . . .

Posted on 5 Jun 2008, 18:41 by JB
Device Icons "Stacking"
Trying out 4.02 - looks great. I have a frugal install, so sda is shown. When I insert my USB key, the icon is placed over top of the one for sda.

On another note... I see there is no zdrv.sfs file. Is there a "chance" we may be getting another SFS slot to use???


Posted on 5 Jun 2008, 18:52 by capoverde
Puppy 4.1 alpha2 on NLUUG.
Puppy 4.1alpha2 is now also downloadable from this (faster) mirror:


Posted on 5 Jun 2008, 18:54 by BarryK
Re: icons stacking
that's strange, did you move the sda icon slightly? That would account for the stacking effect.

Posted on 5 Jun 2008, 20:36 by coolpup
re: icons stacking
This is occurring on my machine, using either a LiveCD or a frugal install, when inserting USB devices.

Posted on 5 Jun 2008, 21:04 by GreatnessGuru
Re: label "alpha"
> ... the label "alpha" seemed to imply that
> it was ready for wider testing.

No. It doesn't. But Puppy 4.00/Kernel
never got upgraded to Kernel

So I, at least, jumped on Puppy 4.01.Alpha.1/
Kernel just to get the debugged kernel!

Eddie Maddox

Posted on 5 Jun 2008, 22:47 by ANOSage
Bigger file boots and runs noticeably slower. Would like to see substantial .iso reduction. Otherwise seems OK.

Posted on 7 Jun 2008, 10:40 by pizzasgood
@JB: Not likely, at least not due to skipping the zdrv file. The reason is that the zdrv didn't work like normal .sfs files. Normally a .sfs file gets merged into the filesystem with UnionFS. Having too many merged at once hurts the stability, thus the limit. The zdrv file was not merged (though Barry has been considering it). Instead it was mounted like a normal filesystem whenever needed. Since it was never merged, it never impacted stability, and therefor removing it shouldn't impact stability either. So I don't see taking it out influencing the .sfs limit.

Posted on 9 Jun 2008, 22:52 by plums
PCMCIA Ralink RT61
Looking cool. The one issue I found is that my PCMCIA Ralink RT61 doesn't work (did in 4.00 & 3.99)
Isn't auto detected although is recognized when the module is manually loaded, alas doest work at all.

I understand that from 2.6.25 wireless Ralink wifi chipsets are integrated into the kernel.


Posted on 20 Jun 2008, 21:05 by puppyfane
unionfs bug ?

1st : did a remaster with 4.1a2
2nd : did a "frugal install" together with grub with my remastered cd ang now get a kernel-panic when trying to boot

"..performing to switch root to unionfs - kernel panic"