Fix for overlapping icons

There are reports of overlapping drive icons in 4.1alpha2.

Testing on my relative's PC I was getting this. It happens at certain screen resolutions. My relative's PC is running at 800x600, and it also has the problem of the text underneath the icon being obscured partly by the tray.

I have fixed both problems by changing ROX-Filer's default pinboard positioning granularity from 'coarse' to 'fine', which is from 32 pixels to 2 pixels.

Extra note:
There has been some feedback on the forum about how the icons work, comparing with HotPup. Yes please, I welcome this feedback. The way the icons "work" in 4.1alpha2 is not at all finalised. It's definitely a work-in-progress and I will read all suggestions. The implementation can be made to work just like HotPup if required -- perhaps with options in the Event Manager to configure in a variety of ways. If you would rather have icons for each partition, that can also be done (although for some people with a dozen or more partitions on each drive that may be a problem).

Posted on 9 Jun 2008, 9:13


Posted on 9 Jun 2008, 9:57 by JB
Icons in taskbar
I know that it was an experiment in Alpha 1 to have the icons in the taskbar. Would it be possible to have both with a GUI to switch. (Or at least have the code to do it). Having any icon come up when inserting a device is great, but the taskbar is always visible vs the desktop.

P.S. My 15 partitions did not play nice with the earlier HotPup (read: lots of icons - lol)