Humongous, USB CD booting fixed

Raffy reported that 4.00 if built as "humongous", that is, with the pup_400.sfs file inside the initial ramdisk, does not boot. Fixed.

Booting from USB CD
This is a strange one. 4.1alphax will not boot from a USB CD drive plugged into the Classmate laptop. I was very puzzled, as I put 'echo' in various places in the 'init' script and found that the entry for the CD drive, /sys/block/sr0, was there but mounting the CD failed. This code has worked in the same situation in earlier puppies, so what's different? ...the kernel of course.

After the sr0 device has been detected, there is a 'sleep 2', then the mount is attempted, and it still fails. I put in a test, if mount fails wait 2 more seconds then try again ...still failed. Tried a 5 second wait, then mount works.

I am not happy with this, but at least do have a workaround. This extra 5second delay won't affect most people, as it only happens if 'mount' fails the first time, and so far I only have that problem booting from a USB optical drive.

Oh yes, when I successfully booted on the Classmate, the deskop icons were nicely laid out, no overlapping. Also the two drive icons 'sda1' and 'sr0' displayed correctly placed.

Posted on 23 Jun 2008, 20:27


Posted on 24 Jun 2008, 20:40 by Raffy
humongous initrd
It's nice to know that humongous initrd for network-booting is back in Puppy 4.1. Thanks, Barry.