Wifi improvements for

Just a short note. Tempestuous has been helping 4.1alpha1/2 testers to sort out wifi problems, and has reported success with drivers downloaded from here:

I have compared the changelog at the above site with the 2.6.25.x changelog at kernel.org, and it seems that the the improvements are going into the kernel. So, if I compile (the latest) then there should be no need to obtain the package from linuxwireless.org.

I'm getting impatient. I posted a bug report to the Unionfs developers, but they seem to be on holiday (they're academics). I'll wait a couple more days, then will do the compile.

I do have stuff to do in the meantime. Shortly after compiling the kernel I should be able to upload 4.1alpha3.

Posted on 24 Jun 2008, 17:07


Posted on 24 Jun 2008, 21:37 by Ted Dog
Looking forward to this, laptop modules [on demand] and e_powersaver please, and old madwifi verses ath5k Oh and LZMA kernel & initrd enabled please.

Posted on 25 Jun 2008, 2:46 by Dougal
Barry, please have a look at this:

I opened a bug for that error/warning message you got and someone just posted a patch.

Posted on 25 Jun 2008, 8:01 by BarryK
Thanks for that.

I don't have the GLOBETROTTER.cis file, but I hunted around and found GLOBETROTTER.dat on the Internet, hopefully that is ok.
Er, I had better look in the source package, that's on another PC.