ePDFView, Aufs

Thanks lluamco, I have put the SVN version of ePDFView, dated May 15 2008, into Puppy.

I have sorted out the problem with Aufs, after consultation with the author Junjiro. For the record, the kernel does not need the "splice" patch (as the unionfs patch achieves the same goal), but it does need "UNIONFS23" and "SPLICE_PATCH" variables to both be set in the Aufs 'local.mk' config file. Junjiro also provided a patch for the Aufs source, and that will be in SVN this coming Monday -- needed otherwise it won't compile.

As I had set 'CONFIG_SECURITY' in the kernel (needed for Dazuko), the 'perm-2.6.24.patch' supplied in the Aufs package has to be applied to the kernel source. Also the "PERM_PATCH" variable needs to be set in local.mk.

Note, I have used double-quotes above for some variables to indicate that the names are approximate, as I don't have access to the source package to check the exact names right now.

Posted on 27 Jun 2008, 8:20


Posted on 27 Jun 2008, 13:47 by pakt
ePDFView probs
Speaking of ePDFView, has anyone else had problems with ePDFView refusing to open PDF documents created by 'Print'-> 'Printer Name: Postscript/default' in earlier Puppies?