Puppy 4.1alpha3 uploaded

Get it from here:

There is one inconvenient bug, the problem with inotifywait utility not being able to restart. I am awaiting feedback from the 'inotify-tools' developers before tackling this. What it means in practice is that if you use the Puppy Event Manager to change desktop hotplug settings (such as change the drive icons from showing individual partitions to one icon per drive) then it won't work just restarting X, you have to do a complete reboot. Restarting X kills the desktop hotplugging entirely.

As before, this build does not have any SCSI modules.

I'm particularly interested in knowing whether encrypted wifi is working better.

Also whether PCMCIA devices get autodetected properly.

There is a new modem driver for Lucent chips, the Martian driver, but it may need some study to setup properly -- I think it needs a /dev/tty??? node created.

I have uploaded the madwifi utilities and modules as a separate package to ibiblio. You would probably need to use the BootManager to blacklist the 'ath5k' module if you want to use the Madwifi modules.

Posted on 30 Jun 2008, 24:06


Posted on 31 Jun 2008, 7:02 by Prit1
Alternate Download Links
Here are alternate download links (since Ibiblio is terribly slow)



Posted on 31 Jun 2008, 8:38 by BarryK
Alternate download links



Posted on 31 Jun 2008, 8:59 by BarryK
4.1alpha3 feedback
Lobster has started a forum thread for feedback:


Posted on 1 Jul 2008, 11:17 by ANOSage
D/l speed
Four-hour d/l from ibiblio is crazy! Even one hour from Eric's site is gross at 3:00hrs GMT. World+dog wants it?!

Posted on 1 Jul 2008, 12:29 by dogone
Barry, I thought I'd post this here so it's not "lost" to the forum. This alpha is fast and feels very good overall. Those long hours have paid clearly paid off. v4.1 is going to be a terrific release.

For the moment, just a few issues to share via the forum.

Many thanks. Well done!

Posted on 1 Jul 2008, 21:54 by puppyfan
..have an ASUS-WL167G Adapter, puppy loads rt2500usb, which is ok, but rt2570 would be better, cause i want to set into monitor mode.

overall feel is good, keyboard/usb loading takes much longer (~5sec) than with predecessors, but works

can't get rid of drives-icon even with unchecking all boxes in eventmanager

haven't remastered yet, hope it works again

anyways, good work

kernel-headers sometime, somewhere available ?...want to compile modules, esp rt2570

Posted on 2 Jul 2008, 2:41 by Prit1
Another download link
For folks having trouble downloading from ibiblio, puppylinux.ca and puppylinux.asia, here is another download link:

<a href="http://tipsforeveryone.com/puppylinux/test/puppy-4.1alpha3/puppy-4.0.3-seamonkey.iso">

Posted on 4 Jul 2008, 8:09 by Flapdoodle
I am using 4.03a and it solved several problems.

One was auto login for WirelessG, the other was a very long wait while boot searched drives for Puppy files.

Posted on 8 Jul 2008, 17:44 by yipinx
asus eeepc 900 ready?
He all,
although i already sended a post on the forum, maybe its better to do it here. i was wondering if puppy would be ready to run out of the box for a eeepc 900. i tried the 4.00 version, but audio and wifi didn´t seem to work. i just down´d the 4.03 so i try it later today. besides that, the p900 could use some power saving functions aswell. would be great if the fn (function) buttons would be working.

there seems to be one distro that does well, but its huge!!! http://wwww.eeebuntu.org/ .

i just downloaded the devx_40x.sfs files (i found that the internet download manager works quite well in the amazon :) ) so after i played around a bit i will start developing with codeblocks to add some baloon tips for the fn buttons.

btw isn´t codeblocks a great tool to add to the devx file?

anyways, thanks for this super duper awesome distro.


Posted on 9 Jul 2008, 6:01 by yipinx
eeePC 900 test
Hi all,

I installed puppy 4.03 yesterday night and came across the following issues:

1024x600 is not selectable with xorg/puppy config. however puppy finds correct resolution (not 1024x768) and displays correctly)

desktop pmount icons on desktop do not show internal "usb20 cardreader sd0". however pmount utility does show it and sd card is mountable.
pmount icons have great difficulty to update. flash drive icon is shown for internal sd card. icons do not disappear when flash drive is pulled out usb slot. pmount icon names get mixed up. however restarting x server resets all and icons and names seem to be correct again. one time the flash drive and sd card didn't show up after x restart... this needs attention!!

pmount desktop icons and utility show linux names (ie. sda sdb sdd) but not real volume names. (this is visible in ubuntu and xandros with desktop mount icons for example)

audio works now (didn't try frugal install though).

eeepc wireless is NOT working (i have seen it working for ubuntu-eee and eeebuntu and xandros offcourse)
i´m think that, reading the other distro´s, its the madwifi driver that is needed... i downed the package from the 4alpha3 folder on the website... how do i install it?

shutdown process, turns off lcd screen, but not computer itself... this is probably a known issue.

eeepc got very HOT within 30 min.. what about clockspeed control to save battery life? (if such a thing exists. however eeebuntu claims to do such a thing)

gtkam didn't find any cam. but cam is integrated into laptop.

xsoldier space wars is to heigh for a 1024x600 screen.

function FN buttons are not working... am i wrong or are function buttons only laptop related?!


Posted on 11 Jul 2008, 7:28 by yipinx
other issues concerning 4.1

I encountered something odd. running the clock alarm of ptimer (laptop is at home) consumed enormous resources of the eeepc. i checked topview and its running 64% cpu time straight for xdialog. then, set to go of at 6:00am, the clock stopped at 5:45am .. so no alarm, and missed my appointment :(

when running the systems without shutting down for 2 days it got extremely slow (something was using all resources . all i was doing was reading the puppy docs, running the alarm and running gxine. i had to reboot, to calm the ventilator a bit.

osmo calendar is to heigh for a 1024x600 screen.

that made me think.. funny... did you know that while paying 350 euro´s for a pc (and with some badluck, extra for the os) non of the existing osses (linux included) come with a basic clock alarm...?!??!! wow. that will cost you another extra 10 bucks and space in the bag pack.

anyways, isn´t the bios (CMOS) capable of jumping out of its suspended state at a certain time?

hibernation and suspend doesn´t work, if it is available.