PPLOG in Puppy

I have created PET packages for Hiawatha web server version 6.7 and PPLOG blog version 1.1.

I finally got rid of /root/ghttp directory, as that was setup for nullhttpd and Quisp.

Hiawatha and PPLOG now use /root/httpd/hiawatha directory. This is the root web path when Hiawatha server is started, configurable from /etc/hiawatha/httpd.conf.

PPLOG is located at /root/httpd/hiawatha/blog directory.

I also created a menu entry for PPLOG, in the 'Personal' category, with a little GUI to start/stop the web server as well as launch PPLOG. The GUI script launches /usr/local/bin/defaulthtmlviewer to run PPLOG -- I have not yet figured out how to setup URL redirection to enable "pup_pplog.pl" to be left out of the URL.

Posts and comments are plain text files and are stored in /root/httpd/hiawatha/blog/posts and /root/httpd/hiawatha/blog/comments directories.

Note, I setup hiawatha to drop to nobody:nobody when running, and all files/directories in the blog are root:nobody. The hiawatha executable does not have suid bit set. I still need to run the Perl script with '-U' option.

Posted on 13 Jul 2008, 13:00


Posted on 13 Jul 2008, 16:03 by growler
Keen to try this
Where can I get the pet Barry? Keen to give this a go.

Posted on 13 Jul 2008, 17:14 by Dougal
PPLOG location
Maybe you should put it outside the hiawatha directory (/root/httpd/blog, or /root/httpd/pplog/blog or something), to make it more clear when people use other web-servers? (or if you encounter some trouble with Hiawatha and decide to go with something else...)

Posted on 13 Jul 2008, 22:18 by BarryK
Re: path to blog
The GUI I wrote for PPLOG explicitly requires Hiawatha. But, yes, could change to some other server in the future.

But then, the way web servers work, the Perl scripts and all associated images, data and text files have to be inside the web root directory, and in Hiawatha's case that is /root/httpd/hiawatha -- the web server cannot "see" anything above this.

But, I could drop the 'hiawatha' directory name, just make the web-root as /root/httpd -- but I had earlier decided not to do that, in case want to use other web servers that can also have their own separate web-roots under /root/httpd.

Posted on 13 Jul 2008, 22:31 by BarryK
Ok, I have uploaded them to here:

There are three packages, pplog, hiawatha and an updated tiny perl (with CGI module).
Note that hiawatha is compiled on Puppy4 so may not work in older puppies.

It will be in 4.1alpha4, probably due out in a few days.

Posted on 17 Oct 2008, 3:08 by myself
just kidding
maybe might use ist as "memo"