Pmusic, Pburn, Psip

Pmusic upgraded to 0.1.3. Well, Pmusic is actually a newcomer, making its debut in 4.1alpha4.

Pburn to 1.9.5.

Psip 0.9.12, another newcomer.

Psip: wow! If you want to know more, here are some forum threads:

The project coordinator for Psip has been Lobster, and HairyWill has done a lot of the heavy background work -- and has got some premature grey hairs -- a special thanks to you guys. Thanks to Evil20071, smokey01, charnisingh, Caneri, puppyluvr, prit1, gazb, John_Doe and peppyy for pitching-in and helping with testing.

UPDATE: Once I start listing names, I had better get it right. I also wish to add a thanks to CEL and Aitch for helping with testing, and jebajQ8 for the icons!

I'll put 0.9.12 into 4.1alpha4 (unless another version comes out pretty soon) and we can do some wider testing.

Posted on 16 Jul 2008, 22:15


Posted on 16 Jul 2008, 16:26 by Dougal
This comment regarding the new kernel might be interesting to some:

Posted on 16 Jul 2008, 20:38 by Caneri
Hi Barry,
Hey...give Puppy SIP a try...lots of fun.