Booting with Aufs

If you are testing 4.1alpha4 and have any trouble with crashing, try using Aufs rather than Unionfs. The way you do this is to boot with the 'layerfs=aufs' kernel boot parameter.

If booting from CD, at the prompt in the 5-second boot screen, type this:
puppy layerfs=aufs

If Puppy is installed to Flash, then you most likely have a isolinux.cfg or extlinux.cfg file on the Flash drive. Open that in an editor and append:

If you are using GRUB then you should be able to figure out where to append this parameter.

Due to the many outstanding bug reports posted to the Unionfs bugzilla and lack of response from them, it looks like we will be going over to Aufs. I'm using Aufs right now. I need to do some checking that it runs right, as there are some assumptions made in 'petget' about how the layers can be written directly into, and elsewhere such as rc.update there is some management of whiteout files -- which are slightly different in Aufs.

Posted on 18 Jul 2008, 17:24


Posted on 18 Jul 2008, 24:46 by dogone
Booting with AUFS
Barry, you hit the mark precisely. Those very serious problems with Seamonkey 1.11 disappeared immediately after booting with the "layerfs=aufs" option. SM is fast and appears stable.

I'll continue testing with the AUFS option in force.

Posted on 22 Jul 2008, 4:23 by Rarsa
Not working
Hi Barry,

I tried booting with "puppy pfix=ram layerfs=aufs" and it still tried to use unionfs.

In my case Unionfs crashes with kernel panic.