Sound, front sockets not working

Does anyone reading this have any experience with getting the front sound sockets to work?

On my laptop, if I plugin the headset, the inbuilt loudspeaker cuts out, and Alsamixer now has a "headphone" entry, however it's volume cannot be raised.

However, the microphone does work.

On my desktop PC, the front sockets don't work at all, have to plug the headset into the rear sockets.

Posted on 18 Jul 2008, 20:12


Posted on 18 Jul 2008, 21:28 by ANOSage
Front sockets
Mostly, you cannot have both front and rear sockets working. You have to remove the jumpers from the header when you connect the front leads. Look at the m/b book. Hope you're not using a proprietary box?!

Posted on 19 Jul 2008, 3:57 by OttoD
Laptop sound
Alsa is strange. On my Toshiba laptop A135, Alsa 1.0.16, module snd-hda-intel, codec Realtek ALC-861VD, I have to load the module with options model=lenovo. Go figure! In this way, headphones work, mic works, speakers mute when headphones plugged.

Posted on 19 Jul 2008, 4:30 by Rarsa
I'll ask around
One of the members of my local LUG is quite handy (expert) with sound. I'll ask him and hopefully we'll get an answer.

Posted on 19 Jul 2008, 8:23 by BarryK
Re: headphone not working
My laptop is an Acer Aspire 3681WXMi.

Posted on 19 Jul 2008, 14:14 by tempestuous
snd-had-intel, OSS
The Intel HDA codec is used in the majority of onboard audio chips these days, and the snd-hda-intel module needs to deal with many different audio hardware variations. Often the only significant difference is the pin configuration of the audio chipset, which will affect how the (analogue) audio signals are routed to the external connections.
I have heard cases of people discovering that their audio works when they plug their cable into the WRONG connection!

In theory, an "up-to-date" snd-hda-intel module should detect the device in question and set appropriate driver parameters ... but sometimes the driver parameters need to to be manually configured (ie. forced) as I explained in detail here -

Barry, it's feasible that you may need the parameter "model=acer" ... or just try a different connection!

Regarding those ALSA-OSS modules, yuk, I consider loading those modules a workaround, not a true fix. ALSA-OSS modules should only be needed if there is some utility or application in the audio chain which is not fully ALSA-compatible. Is Puppy's sGmixer fully ALSA compatible?
In 2008 I think it's high time we sorted this out and got rid of the ALSA-OSS stuff for good, in the same way that Puppy has made a clean break from GTK1.
I have just started a thread on this subject in the "Cutting edge" section of the forum -

Posted on 19 Jul 2008, 14:57 by Solid
puppy 4.00
In puppy 4.0, I've gotten the front sockets to work on my pc case. It's the same device as the motherboard audio that my speakers plug into. The only problem is, I can't have the speakers and front output work at the same time. And to switch them, I must add or remove the front connection, and run the ALSA wizard.

Sorry for not helping. But I thought you'd like to know.


Posted on 19 Jul 2008, 24:15 by ANOSage
solid advice
Maybe I'll give advice in Aramaic or cuneiform next time?!