Geany, Pburn, Pmusic, Pnethood updated

Geany version 0.13. This has support for printing.
Pburn 1.9.6.
Pmusic 0.1.4
Pnethood 0.64

Posted on 22 Jul 2008, 11:01


Posted on 22 Jul 2008, 15:36 by Dougal
Geany 0.14 segfault
I reported this to Enrico some time ago.
It only happens when you try and start 0.14 with a 0.12 config file and can be solved by starting 0.14 the first time with the "-p" option (I think that's the one, for the plugins).

It is probably worth trying cvs or waiting for the next version, since there was also the problem of Geany (well, Scintilla) causing 10 wakeups-per-second, which Enrico had a fix for (though the Scintilla developer seems like a wanker and isn't interested: )

Posted on 23 Jul 2008, 9:39 by BarryK
Geany printing
There was an earlier comment that earlier versions of Geany do support printing. I don't know about that, all I know is the changelog for v0.13 has this:

native GTK printing support on Unix-like systems and Windows