Xlock fixed

One feedback report on 4.1alpha4 is that when click on the 'lock' icon on the desktop, nothing happens. Xlock was upgraded by Nathan, with a nice menu entry and international language support, but the bug is not Nathan's fault, it's mine.

Previously, /usr/X11R7/bin/xterm was a symlink to /usr/bin/rxvt, but I replaced the former with a script. The reason for this was that Xf-prot requires the '-hold' option for xterm, which rxvt does not have, so the script was a workaround. Anyway, my xterm script had a little bug which crashed Xlock, now fixed.

While I as looking into xterm and rxvt, I thought of going over to Urxvt, as it supports more options including '-hold' and also has special support for unicode so is good for internationalisation. Urxvt is very big, but the 'mp' text editor would not run in it -- probably that could be sorted out, but I couldn't see how so just left it at that and decided to stay with rxvt.

Every now and again I checkout alternatives to rxvt, but always there is some little thing that stops me from changing over. I think that rxvt can be compiled against the libncursesw library (it is currently using libncurses) which will give it better international support ...I might grab the latest rxvt and look at the compile options.

Posted on 23 Jul 2008, 17:41


Posted on 23 Jul 2008, 23:56 by dogone
Terminal alternative
Barry, have you taken a look at Sakura. It's got some very nice features, amongst them a tabbed interface. It's GTK2, about 30K with one dependency - libvte.

"Sakura is a lightweight and easy to use terminal emulator with fewer dependencies.
* Uses a notebook to provide several terminals in one window.
* Adds a contextual menu with some basic options. No more no less.

For people that already know GNOME 2 terminal, Xfce4 terminal and are searching for a lighter but comparable replacement, sakura might be the answer."


Posted on 24 Jul 2008, 9:17 by BarryK
Urxvt fixed
I found out why 'mp' did not run in Urxvt. /etc/profile has some code that detects if /usr/bin/urxvt exists then sets TERM=urxvt-unicode. I removed that, so that TERM remains as "xterm", and mp is happy.

Note, I compiled rxvt 2.7.10, which is the developer version, and turned on support for international languages. Seems to work ok, so have selected that for the next Puppy.