Network Wizard upgraded

I have tested Dougal's improved Network Wizard, dated July 28th, and it is looking real good. It fixes some serious problem areas in the old Wizard.

For building Puppy in Unleashed, I made it into a PET package named 'net_setup-20080728'. I took out the script and put that in the 'rootfs_skeleton-405' package.

The only change that I made in the scripts is the clash with Debian/Ubuntu directories and files in /etc. We do need to think ahead that we may want to put in other Debian/Ubuntu packages (of which Pppoeconf is one), maybe also in the case of the forgotten "underdog" layer f.s. configuration.

I could not think of elegant names to change /etc/network and /etc/wireless to, so just used /etc/wizard_network and /etc/wizard_wireless. That can of course be changed.

I have still got some stuff to do. probably 4.1alpha5 is about 24 hours away.

Posted on 29 Jul 2008, 12:26


Posted on 30 Jul 2008, 3:08 by Dougal
Note that supports the "stop" parameter, so you can run it from rc.shutdown, which might help prevent some rogue processes causing trouble.