Geany scrolls past end of file

The version of Geany in 4.1alpha5 is 0.13 and it has a feature that annoys me so much, I reported it to the Geany bugzilla as a bug. It is the feature that Geany will scroll an entire window past the last line.

The author responded (and closed the bug):

You can easily disable by setting the hidden preference
"scroll_stop_at_last_line" to true.

For details, see the documentation at

This is also mentioned in the FAQs,

So, how do we disable this permanently? Unless the majority actually like this feature!

I also made a suggestion about navigating wrapped lines:
...but the author didn't think much of it.

Posted on 31 Jul 2008, 8:45


Posted on 30 Jul 2008, 23:53 by linuxcbon
What about Tea ?
What about Tea ?

Posted on 30 Jul 2008, 24:58 by PathFinder_Cate
Fix for geany 0.13
To fix version 0.13, try changing this line in document.c:

SSM(sci, SCI_SETENDATLASTLINE, FALSE, 0); // allow scrolling past end of document


SSM(sci, SCI_SETENDATLASTLINE, TRUE, 0); // allow scrolling past end of document if FALSE

Posted on 31 Jul 2008, 8:56 by BarryK
Re: Geany scrolling end document
Well, the PET package for Geany 0.13 has /root/.geany/geany.conf, so I have added:
to it.

According to the online Geany docs, that is a hidden setting, not settable in the Preferences, have to edit geany.conf directly.

Posted on 2 Aug 2008, 3:54 by linuxcbon
leafpad is in puppy and very small too !