UDF filesystem

In earlier puppies, the UFS filesystem was not supported. The ufs.ko module was screened out as too "exotic" by the createpuppy script in Unleashed. As there is demand for UFS, it is now in 4.1alpha5.

However, Alex has now complained that the UDF filesystem is also screened out as "too exotic and unlikely to be used", but it is needed.

So, I have now allowed udf.ko and that will be in 4.1alpha6.

Posted on 31 Jul 2008, 9:39


Posted on 31 Jul 2008, 22:25 by zygo
ignoring a hdd

Please can you enable the facility to ignore a hdd at boot by typing "puppy hda=none" for example.

Posted on 32 Jul 2008, 3:04 by BarryK
Boot parms
You can type any boot parameters that you want, I don't have to "enable" anything.

Note though, there are no /dev/hd* drives anymore, they are all /dev/sd*.

Posted on 1 Aug 2008, 8:10 by happypuppy
At last,UDF support! :D
I've been waiting for *ages* to get proper out-of-the-box UDF support in Puppy.
2.17 was the last release where the UDF tools package worked.

Now I can finally use my DVD-RAM and UDF-formatted DVD+RW discs and put WinXP and Ubuntu where they really belong - in the dustbin :)

Can't wait for the next alpha.