Special test Puppy for Lobster

Here it is, the file is 'puppy-406-unicpu-crashtestonly.iso':

This is not for general testing, has a few things missing. Lobster, start it with the usual 'puppy pfix=ram'.

Posted on 7 Aug 2008, 15:59


Posted on 7 Aug 2008, 19:43 by Lobster
It works!
15 minutes of mouse and browser and viewing vids
and still going strong . . .

Posted on 7 Aug 2008, 19:47 by BarryK
That's great!

One thing I'm very curious about, what CPU does your computer have?

Posted on 7 Aug 2008, 20:36 by Lobster
It works!
AMD Athlon XP 2000+

Incidentally I am using Xorg at top res for the tft screen 1280x1024

Still working . . .