'nosmp' boot parameter

Well, we have lobbed the ball back into Lobster's court. Lobster, can you grab a 4.1alpha5 live-CD and boot it with 'puppy nosmp pfix=ram' -- if that runs stable then we have the best solution.

Posted on 8 Aug 2008, 8:29


Posted on 8 Aug 2008, 13:23 by lobster
Done. Works. Been using for well over an hour. No probs.

Posted on 8 Aug 2008, 16:55 by BarryK
You have made us all very happy, Lobster. That was the main stumbling block. The remaining issues with 4.1 are just details that we will work through.

Well, I think a couple of people (or was that one person?) reported 4.1alpha5 will not power-off whereas 4.00 did. That's probably an ACPI issue.

Posted on 8 Aug 2008, 17:43 by gazb
power off
I had that problem as well,would not power off.

Posted on 8 Aug 2008, 20:39 by KJ
power off
Reboot works fine but power off only shuts the box down properly if I use 'acpi=force' at bootup.

Thanks for all the good work.

Posted on 8 Aug 2008, 22:10 by zygo
Can I suggest you make a second help page for boot time to indicate SMP and other 'less needed' boot params. On the line that says something like 'just wait 5 seconds' You could add 'further help F1,F2 or F11'. F1 would display the default page, F2 the extra help page and F11 could list the isolinux.cfg. I've done this (F1 & F11) with my most recent re-isoing of 4.0.

Posted on 9 Aug 2008, 8:19 by pizzasgood
Along with that, it would be nice to change the USB install to pop up a splash screen during bootup like the live-cd does (assuming Puppy 4 doesn't do this already - I haven't tried USB since 3.xx)

I made a forum thread several months ago with info and examples about this, but I don't know how much the scripts have changed since then (or even which versions I used).

If you already did this in 4.xx and I missed it, sorry, and great ;)

Posted on 9 Aug 2008, 14:02 by John_Doe
re: nosmp with 4..0.5
As I had also mentioned in a forum thread that some versions were freezing from me, just wanted to comment that all is well now with 'nosmp'. I'm at 10hours 35 minutes with the computer in the kitchen (it was the one that froze). It has a hyper threaded processor. If I have a chance I will test out the same on my laptop. I burned up it's power supply in a recent lightning strike. Still have to order another.