Optical drive now released

4.1-testers reported that when upgrading from an earlier pup_save file, the CD/DVD drive remained mounted.

This is actually a bug from 4.00. When you boot Puppy from CD for the very first time, or boot with "pfix=ram", at shutdown you are asked if you want to copy the 'pup_xxx.sfs' file from CD to the same place as the pup_save file, and normally you would reply yes. Then at next bootup Puppy will find the pup_xxx.sfs file on the hard drive and use that.

However, when upgrading a pup_save, the CD has a later pup_xxx.sfs file, let's say 'pup_406.sfs' and this is only on the CD. If Puppy decides not to copy it to RAM then it is mounted from where it is, thus leaving the optical drive mounted.

I have fixed this. The 'init' script detects this situation and copies the pup_xxx.sfs to the same place as the pup_save, thus freeing up the optical drive.

Posted on 9 Aug 2008, 16:48


Posted on 9 Aug 2008, 18:13 by disciple
Trash updated
I updated the Trash roxapp slightly:

It's an improvement to the "View summary" feature, and a well overdue update to the help file, which will hopefully reduce the number of people who can't figure out why things they delete aren't in the trash.