Modem fixes

Rerwin has tested 4.1alpha5 and applied some fixes for the modem scripts.
I changed the goal-posts with 4.1, removing auto-probing of serial modems, and rerwin has very patiently examined the latests scripts and tested on various modems, and devised new patches. In particular, a problem with the 'modemprobe' script has been solved.

Rerwin also has some patches for the 'init.d' scripts, but I have only partially applied these. A couple of things that I do not want to do -- automatic deletion of a devnode and of /dev/modem. I do not want boot scripts to delete /dev/modem under any circumstances. I would rather leave it up to PupDial to make any devnode and /dev/modem corrections. Basically, I want the setting to stay in-place regardless whether the modem is present or not, and any change has to be done by running PupDial.

Posted on 12 Aug 2008, 8:58

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