Extra drivers compiled

Ok, I have compiled all of rerwin's extra drivers and put them into Puppy, with firmware where required.

Tonight I want to go through the entire exercise again, recompile the kernel and all 3rd-party drivers, this time with the "conservative" kernel.

Today I tested the Lucent modem on my Dad's laptop... not so good. Got strange error messages with the Martian driver. The Lucent ltserial module is blacklisted in 4.1alpha5, so I un-blacklisted and tested it -- great, Puppy was able to communicate with it (now at /dev/ttySLTM0) and get a init string, but when I chose to dialout, Puppy froze.
I wonder if the conservative kernel will fix that ...I think that rerwin indicated that might do it.

Posted on 13 Aug 2008, 18:31


Posted on 14 Aug 2008, 4:55 by Bm
I don't know if this fits here, but from Dingo 405 on my firewire connection (ip4 over internet) is broke. I suspect the eth1394 module.
My other PC is XP and detects when the port becomes active in Puppy. Thus the ohci1394 works correctly I suppose.

If this doesn't fit here, forget my comment.