Theme for 4.1

I have decided to leave it the same as 4.00. Coming up with a theme that looks as nice is no mean feat, so instead I am treating it as the "Puppy4 signature theme". After all, it is really the newcomers that we want to give a good initial impression to, and they will not have seen 4.00.

Posted on 23 Aug 2008, 7:51


Posted on 23 Aug 2008, 13:24 by ANOSage
"I have decided to leave it the same as 4.00."
Will that be the snowcaps or the man o'bike. then? The latter creates the right image and alludes to Oz. Man-on-bike is the most efficient conversion of energy bar none, approaching 50%.

Posted on 23 Aug 2008, 16:03 by capoverde
Re: Theme for 4.1
Some like it hot, some like it cool - the warm feeling of the Gradient Brown theme suits me better, but that's just a personal choice (BTW, just some more difference between the intensity of colors for an active or inactive window seems advisable).

A screenshot of this theme on icons and windows over a seabed background, with the feel of a stroll in knee-deep water at the beach:

Posted on 23 Aug 2008, 23:40 by dogone
theme enhancements
Hey, one great way to make each Puppy release visually unique and thank the Community would be to invite it (or members you wish to recognize) to provide one new background image for it. The release is thus "signed-off" by the community in a lasting way. The same process would determine which existing background image to drop. You, Barry, would select the default for that release. We could call it the Puppy "Collar Contest" or "Collar Service Award".