4.1 release schedule

4.1beta should be out by this coming Saturday or Sunday (6th, 7th September).

I start work at the Royal Show on 22nd, and would really like the final to be out by then. So I will set the 4.1final release date for 21st September.

There will be two live-CD iso's, 4.1retro with kernel and 4.1 "normal" with kernel.

Posted on 2 Sep 2008, 9:38


Posted on 2 Sep 2008, 11:14 by Raffy
beta and net-booting
Just in time for the start of class in many places!

I hope it's easier to implement net-booting with the new UNI structure of Puppy. Thanks, Barry. :)

Posted on 2 Sep 2008, 14:45 by tronkel
Puppy stand at Perth show
Maybe there should be a Puppy Linux stand at the Perth Royal Show. Visitors could pick up free Puppy CDs and get to meet Barry and interact with their fellow Puppy enthusiasts.

LOL, All possible escape routes from Puppy are blocked for Barry! :-)

Posted on 2 Sep 2008, 16:06 by BarryK
Puppy has borrowed some speedup code from UniPup, but that's all, just faster bootup.

UniPup on the otherhand is what I intend to keep working on, though I might give it a different name.

UniPup is the one that is truly "uni", having just the two files, vmlinuz and initrd.gz, and running in the "initial ramdisk". I've got some extremely interesting ideas for this so stay tuned.

UniPup does not have a separate initrd.gz and pup_xxx.sfs, so all modules are available right from the start. Samba for example.

Posted on 2 Sep 2008, 20:03 by tempestuous
boot options
For 4.1-normal it might be worthwhile to include a boot option which disables all the cutting-edge stuff, thus -
kernel nosmp nohz=off

This would allow all the users who would otherwise experience a lockup to enjoy the new range of drivers in the 2.6.25.x kernel.

I also read that "maxcpus=0" is an alternative boot option to "nosmp".