Missing Xorg modules

HairyWill reported that Xorg reported these missing modules: sil164.so, ch7xxx.so, ivch.so, tfp410.so.

Xorg in Puppy is cutdown and some X servers are missing. The above though are very small, so I have put them in. The relevantpackage is 'xorg_xorg_servers-7.3-2'.

HairyWill, would you mind testing 4.1retro-beta, which will have these, and check that it now works -- it is possible that after those modules have loaded there may be an attempt to load more.

I'll probably upload 4.1retro-beta within 24 hours of now, the 'normal' 4.1 with later kernel toward the end of the week.

Posted on 10 Sep 2008, 8:16


Posted on 10 Sep 2008, 14:45 by Martin
i810_drv too, please..
Barry, the i810_drv symlink to intel_drv.so still doesn't do it for me when using Xorg (loss of signal). All is fine on my 3 Compaqs when replacing the symlink with the real driver. I know there are more people with this issue. Is there a reason to not include i810_drv.so?


Posted on 10 Sep 2008, 16:49 by BarryK
Re: i810_drv.so
Xorg was compiled in T2 and that's where the symlink came from. So, I don't have a i810_drv.so driver.

If you have i810_drv.so that works in Puppy4, can you upload it somewhere and I will include it.

Posted on 10 Sep 2008, 19:36 by ICPUG
You have the driver Barry.

It was in Puppy 3.01.

I wrote a howto on the forum (in the Howto section) on how to transfer it to Puppy 4.

It would be much better built in though!

Posted on 11 Sep 2008, 22:58 by hairywill
sil164 works for intel 830m
Yup, the extra xorg drivers in 4.1b1 have done the ticket. I hope that a lot of the other intel GPU problems will be solved. For anyone that still has problems the contents of /tmp/xerrs.log may be interesting.