Puppy 4.1beta

This is the 'standard' Puppy, version 4.1beta with kernel. Updated release notes are in the live-CD. Get it from here:


Note, due to the roll-back of ffmpeg and xine-lib, the devx_408.sfs is different from devx_407.sfs.

If you have tested 4.1retro-beta, beware that Puppy will have copied pup_408.sfs to the hard drive (even if you declined when asked about that at shutdown), so you have to delete that file first -- otherwise you'll get a kernel panic.

Posted on 12 Sep 2008, 24:52


Posted on 13 Sep 2008, 3:48 by ANOSage
First look - everything seems to work. Didn't get a kp despite not looking for an .sfs file on a drive that's already seen a dozen recent alphas as well as the recent retro past its platters.

Posted on 13 Sep 2008, 5:29 by paulh
devx difficulty
hummm ... tricky to test both this and the retro on the same drive/ptn in a Lin'n'Win frugal setup if you want to use devx_408, as the latter is different for each, but needs to be in the same location.

Posted on 13 Sep 2008, 8:19 by BarryK
Re: devx
No, it's ok, just use the latest devx_408.sfs for both 4.1 betas.

Posted on 13 Sep 2008, 8:58 by BarryK
4.1beta forum feedback
linuxcbon has started this forum thread for feedback on 4.1beta:


Posted on 13 Sep 2008, 13:00 by ANOSage
Poweroff not
..but it still will not poweroff.

Posted on 28 Sep 2008, 23:37 by BillB
Amazing !
I set up 4.1beta as a multi-session CD and it looked good. I noticed that it was consuming about only 50 meg after booting, so I decided to do a disk install on an old PII 128 meg and see what happens.

It's running as fast in about the same memory as any of the early Puppy 2.x versions. Amazing ! 4.1beta even looks great. The best yet, in my opinion.

- Bill