Pschedule bugfix

A problem with Pschedule was reported here:

Pschedule uses 'crontab' (which is a Busybox applet), which stores information at /var/spool/cron/. However, when Puppy is installed to a USB drive, /var is not saved, so the crontab information does not survive a reboot.

I think that my original reason for not saving /var was to save space. Some stuff can accumulate in /var that does not need to survive a reboot. Also, sometimes some files are better off not surviving as they may interfere with correct operation at the next boot.

However, this behaviour is inconsistent, as the live-CD (with session saved to hard-drive) and frugal install do save /var.

I have modified /usr/sbin/snapmergepuppy so that /var is saved whenever a session is saved. This affects saving to any Flash drive.

Posted on 21 Sep 2008, 7:43


Posted on 21 Sep 2008, 18:17 by Dougal
Growing Files
/var/log/messages and the Xorg log both get rotated automatically, so there's no need to worry about them growing indefinitely.
What do seem to keep growing are utmp and wtmp, which contain login information (when each user logged in/out etc.) and can be blanked out regularly by executing a ": >" or something into them.