Pbackup, Pburn, Pmusic

Pbackup is now version 3.1.4.

Pburn is now version 2.0.4.

Pmusic is now version 0.3.2.

Posted on 22 Sep 2008, 20:39


Posted on 22 Sep 2008, 21:17 by coolpup
NoteCase 1.9.5
Latest version.
Puppy 4.1beta still using 1.9.1. Many bugfixes since.

Posted on 22 Sep 2008, 23:13 by dogone
NoteCase update
Yes. Many important fixes and enhancements since NoteCase 1.9.1.

Posted on 24 Sep 2008, 3:50 by Zigbert
Pburn is updated to 2.0.5. The changes is very minor, but still important.

I have added a note: Do not locate temporary storage to a FAT partition (in the startup dialog). Pburn will fail on any burn-command.