Tabs wrong in Pmount

Rerwin reported that when no CD/DVD discs were plugged in, but a USB drive was plugged in, Pmount showed the USB drive under the 'optical' tab, when it should have been under the 'usbdrv' tab. In fact, Pmount should not have had an 'optical' tab at all.

I have implemented a generic fix to this, as it could conceivably happen for other categories than optical.

Posted on 5 Oct 2008, 16:07


Posted on 5 Oct 2008, 17:55 by Dougal
I've noticed that with a Sandisk Cruizer that still has the Windows junk on it, the kernel actually detects it as both a flash drive and a cdrom drive and, in face, the "cd" is actually mountable! So you can apparently mount that boot image they use and mess it up...