Puppy 4.1 released

This exciting new Puppy can be downloaded from Ibiblio:

The 'devx_410.sfs' file (for C/C++ compiling) is here:

The full announcement and release notes are here:

...please read this, to decide whether you want to download the build with (4.1retro) or kernel. Most people will probably go for the later kernel, unless you have old hardware.

If you are upgrading from 4.00, at first you may feel underwhelmed, as the default theme, including desktop background, is unchanged. However, major changes have taken place "under the hood", greatly improving Puppy's hardware compatibility and support for hotplugging. Also, there are some very significant new applications -- read the release notes!

For those wanting Puppy Unleashed, the file 'puppy-unleashed-core-4.1.tar.gz' is here:
And the PET packages are here:

Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 6:55


Posted on 6 Oct 2008, 21:48 by coolpup
Thank you. Barry.

Posted on 6 Oct 2008, 21:54 by ANOSage
Ta !
Thanks a bundle, Barry.
Interesting: In the retro edition, although the poweroff still doesn't work for SiS chipsets, it has changed to reboot, instead!

Posted on 6 Oct 2008, 22:14 by Raffy
That was quick - thanks!

Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 3:23 by lezzloco
Love the new puppy, but
I do like the new version, fast is an understatment, but I am having problems with ATI drivers, any pet version 3.01 4.1, or straight from ATI, they all install but anti-aliasing, and anisotropic filtering isn't working (as far as I can tell), and the app (openBVE) which I run in wine runs at .5 fps, any help would be excellent.

Thankyou for puppy linux, its cool

Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 4:59 by lilleguard-liste
bcm43xx works!
Hi! Great, finally bcm43xx wireless works out of the box! Great job. And enjoy your post-puppy life :-)

Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 6:25 by veronicathecow
Many thanks
Just to say many thanks for your hard work as Benevolent Dictator you have created a fine and most useful thing and should be rightly proud of yourself.

Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 7:19 by BarryK
4.1 feedback
linuxcbon has started a feedback thread on the forum:

This also has some fast mirrors for downloading 4.1.

Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 7:48 by MU
I think, Puppy 4.1 uses X.org 7.4.
Ati has not yet release packs for that xorg.
The catalyst drivers 8.10 shall support it officially, they should be available soon.


Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 8:03 by Brandon
I got Puppy 4.1 because I was told SMP was gonna be there! But I see no SMP! Is it just me?

Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 8:28 by MU
no, there is no smp.
see the releasenotes in Barrys announcement.


Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 8:30 by growler
Thanks so much Barry once again for this. When reading the release notes it does bring home the extent and scope of the work required to make these things happen. You are an inspiration to me and no doubt to many of us.

It is hard though to see how, without the engine, the rest of the vehicle will function! There are some really good guys within the new puppy team. I really do hope they can pull puppy through.

Posted on 7 Oct 2008, 9:20 by moron
smp/dual proc
hello barry the developer

I tried the forum but peeps ther didnt like me an wuz ruud so ill ask you
I need some help choosing a puppy to run on my pc
its an old gamers box wiv a asos AW9D-MAX runnin intel chips wiv a nvidia geforce 7300
its twin pentium d 2700gig cloked to 4.2gig an 1gig corsair ram@800fsb [maybe up at 1066?] it usd 2 b pretty quik but windas is killin me
will the pupster run ok on here, and which is best stable release
does the dualie cause probs to puppy or have you got it goin yet?

Posted on 8 Oct 2008, 8:04 by BarryK
Re: Xorg 7.4
No, 4.1 has Xorg 7.3.

I downloaded 7.4 yesterday, may have a go a compiling it soon.

Posted on 8 Oct 2008, 23:23 by diego
Puppy comments
X-ISP is the only diap-up program I can connect AC'97 modem to provider 56k flat without the answer 'NO CARRIER'.
I don't understand because...
BarryK what think about Xisp?

Puppylinux is the number one, but it needs of sfs module for a serious localization!!!

Posted on 8 Oct 2008, 24:40 by happypuppy
Puppy 4.1 rocks
Great job!

This release is the most CPU-efficient of all the Puppies I've ever used (even better than the 2.xx series).You can squeeze the last drop of CPU power out of your PC with this one (after disabling all that autorun/automount stuff,of course) :)

@ lezz: Puppy uses the older X.org 4.3 and compiling the ATI Catalyst drivers requires the kernel source .SFS which is not released yet :(

Posted on 8 Oct 2008, 24:46 by happypuppy
oops,I meant X.org 7.3