Kernel SFS files

I have created and kernel SFS files for Puppy 4.1, but cannot upload them until the end of this week.

Note, they are in my Unleashed CD, which I'll be posting tomorrow.

Posted on 8 Oct 2008, 19:04


Posted on 9 Oct 2008, 3:11 by otto
Work already done by gray for
See here:

Posted on 9 Oct 2008, 4:49 by kirk
kernel sfs files
Sorry, I usually try to do that. I've been out of town. Won't be back home for another few weeks. Anyway, congratulations on 4.1.

Posted on 9 Oct 2008, 7:45 by BarryK
Kernel SFS
gray has just created an SFS for the kernel header files, I have created an SFS with the complete source -- so it is almost 60MB.

This means that you can recompile the kernel without having to do a full hd installation. Just load the devx_410.sfs and kernel-src- at bootup and you're ready to go.

Posted on 9 Oct 2008, 8:01 by BarryK
Kernel SFS files
Kirk, no problemo.

I managed to squeeze both kernel src SFS files onto the User's CD also. The User's CD differs from the Unleashed CD in that it doesn't have the full Unleashed components (but does have all the PET packages that are not already builtin to the pup_410.sfs file), and it has one or more user-oriented SFS files (I only managed to squeeze in OpenOffice, but the User CD does have devx_410.sfs so can be used for compiling).