Test full hard drive install

Forum member 'linuxcbon' reported that when 4.1 was installed to hard drive, the conventional full installation, the free-memory tray applet did not start and had to be started manually.

So, I did a test install to a spare ext3 partition on the SATA drive of the same PC described in my previous post. I used the Universal Installer and just followed each step, updated GRUB as the Installer explained, changing "hd0,4" to "hd1,4", again as the Installer warned about GRUB seeing the IDE drive first.

It booted up and works fine. The free-memory applet appears in the tray as expected.

Posted on 18 Oct 2008, 16:58


Posted on 19 Oct 2008, 3:24 by MU
might be a timing issue.
I encountered it twice in the 2.6.27 testiso with a frugal installation.
Don't remember, if I had a savefile already.
Restarting JWM then displayed the freememapplet.