Kernel info

Looked here:
and downloaded the .deb file.

Ah ha! The source has a 'ubuntu' directory, with all the patches. Listing the contents:

atl2 aufs compcache dm-loop dm-raid4-5 drbd e1000e et131x gfs gnbd heci include iscsitarget Kconfig lirc Makefile misc ndiswrapper qc-usb rfkill squashfs tlsup unionfs via_chrome9

Directory 'misc' has more patches:
acerhk appleir dm-bbr fsam lmpcm thinkpad_ec tp_smapi snd-bt-sco ov511 acx at76 p80211 prism2_usb

Great, that's what I wanted to know!

Posted on 20 Oct 2008, 10:01


Posted on 20 Oct 2008, 10:08 by BarryK
Binary compat. with Ubuntu
I did raise the possibility recently:

In answer to disciple's question, I don't have any plan, I'm just playing.

After 4.1.1, I'm not leading the Puppy project, I'll just be playing with my puplet, doing whatever I feel like.

Fingers crossed, this blog seems to be working now. That earlier Ubuntu kernel post has something wrong with it, it would seem -- I can't even edit it, just get that "403" error.

Posted on 20 Oct 2008, 10:40 by Raffy
If the 403 error does not go away, you can FTP to your server and change file attributes: "error 403" means that certain files have no global-read attribute (ex, chmod is 600 instead of 644).