(SP1) Pburn, Pmusic

These are bugfix upgrades from Zigbert:

Pburn 2.0.9-1
Pmusic 0.3.3

Posted on 24 Oct 2008, 10:24


Posted on 24 Oct 2008, 7:50 by cb88
about sfs limit
barry .. gladly i can post on here again :-)

why was the reason we are limited to 5 sfs files is it still pertinient?

AFAIK there is little slowdown upon haveing many sfs files mounted with the recent squashfs implementations

perhaps this is worth testing? I does happen to be one of the things we explain over and over on IRC

Posted on 24 Oct 2008, 8:47 by BarryK
RE: number of sfs files
Yes, there is a slowdown. I don't recall how I came up with the limit of 3 extra sfs files. It probably does need to be tested.

Also, the 'init' script in the initial ramdisk, and /etc/rc.d/rc.update do some fixups of whiteout files if a change is detected in the sfs layers, or there is a version update, and this can take some time. The more layers, the longer it can take, although it is a one-off thing.

Posted on 7 Nov 2008, 21:38 by qqdan
Pmusic Bug
If the filename is utf-8,such as chinese,Pumsic can't play it.