Puppy 4.1.1 release candidate

For anyone who would like to do a sanity check before the final release, here it is:


I expect to upload 4.1.1final about a week from now, most likely.

You can find out what is in 4.1.1 compared with 4.1 by looking at my recent blog posts with "(SP1)" in the title:

http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00451(SP1) Mouse detection fixes
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00450(SP1) Pburn, Pmusic
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00449(SP1) DidiWiki fixed
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00448(SP1) BootManager add-modules bugfix
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00447(SP1) Network Wizard fixes
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00446(SP1) Mouse detect fix
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00439(SP1) ROX error msg when copy file
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00437(SP1) ALSA shutdown
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00436(SP1) puppyinputdetect utility
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00433(SP1) Check dependencies of installed PET pkgs
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00431(SP1) Fix for drive icon renaming
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00428(SP1) Improved mouse detection
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00427(SP1) puppyserialdetect 1.1h
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00426(SP1) Network Wizard update
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00424(SP1) GPRS message correction
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00423(SP1) Old Network Wizard can coexist with new Wizard
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00421(SP1) Firmware loading for DVB USB
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00420(SP1) Loading 3 extra SFS files
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00419(SP1) Touchpad fix
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00418(SP1) Mouse detection fix
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00411Planning SP1
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00410(SP1) Ndiswrapper bugfix
http://puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00409(SP1) prism54 fix

I think that Dougal is working on further improvements to the Network Wizard, so we will need to carefully test his next release before bringing out 4.1.1final.

Posted on 24 Oct 2008, 12:15


Posted on 24 Oct 2008, 15:02 by WhoDo
Looks to me like your building the proverbial brick *house upon which we can base 4.2, Barry! :)

I'm all for anything that makes it easier for us to follow in your footsteps. Thanks, mate.

Posted on 24 Oct 2008, 15:52 by Lobster
Just works
I am using 4.1.1rc now. The biggest compliment is really that - just using it. No drama. The server for download is much faster - makes a huge difference. I have added Barry to the list of developers for 4.2 and I hope part of the retirement transition will include some involvement now and again. Warren is right 4.1.1 is the 'Alpha' base for 4.2. If we keep things simple we will have a natural and smooth evolution into 4.2

Posted on 24 Oct 2008, 19:25 by Sage
4.1.1 std.
Ran the update from 4.1 for a full instll - wallpapers missing!

Posted on 25 Oct 2008, 10:18 by rarsa
Removable drive's Icon is not removed
Something I just noticed as I bought an external HDD.

When I boot puppy after, the icon for the drive is still on the desktop.

When I saw that I went to ~/.pup_event and I saw that I have two icons for USB memory, although only one is connected. The other seems to be a ghost from when I plugged it in a different USB port.

Posted on 25 Oct 2008, 17:37 by BarryK
Re: drive ghost
that report is much to vague. What directories are in /root/.pup_event, which one is the ghost, what does 'probedisk2' and 'probepart' report?

Probably best to post to the forum thread.

Posted on 25 Oct 2008, 23:00 by Raffy
ath5k driver compiled
MU compiled the ath5k (from kernel 2.6.27) for 4.1 here: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=242166#242166

Posted on 27 Oct 2008, 8:23 by metre9dmt
USB SD Card Reader Problem
Just tested my handy USB SD Card Reader with PL 4.1 (both versions). It doesn't recognized the card reader.

I hope the fix can be included in 4.1.1.