(SP1) Remaster-CD updated

Rerwin pointed out that the old desktop drive icons were in a remastered CD, which would not be appropriate when the CD is booted on a different PC.

I fixed that, and went through the remaster script updating it for Puppy 4.1.x. Mostly this is to correctly handle Pmount and event manager setting and GTK/JWM theme settings -- that is, those settings will transfer to the remaster.
The script concerned is /usr/sbin/remasterpup2.

Posted on 31 Oct 2008, 7:40


Posted on 29 Oct 2008, 7:29 by Lobster
more good news :)
4.1.1 will be a great base for 4.2, new puplets and perhaps our first Puppy powered netbook . . .

Posted on 29 Oct 2008, 15:40 by Raffy
Error when remastering from frugal
Beginning with the 4.1 alphas, I noticed that the remaster fails if run from a frugal install*. I've reported that earlier, and since the remaster is being discussed now, mentioning it could help.

* Flash-boot could be in a similar situation.

Posted on 30 Oct 2008, 9:34 by BarryK
Remaster from frugal
I just tested a remaster-CD from a frugal install, works fine. I used the 'remasterpup2' script from 4.1.1rc, which is the same as in 4.00 and 4.1.

Posted on 2 Nov 2008, 13:22 by technosaurus
where is the directory choice
It used to allow you to select any one of the files in a user chosen directory and it would go from there - not sure why this option went away. Maybe do a diff with an earlier version?