Network Wizard Oct 29

Dougal has put in a massive effort and updated the Network Wizard:

Ok, another update:
- Localization is done, just need people to start translating.
- Add extra sleep time at boot for PCMCIA NICs.
- Add Barry's code for cleaning old-wizard style config files.
- Tidy up the code that checks for new interfaces after new module is loaded (also
wait up to 10 seconds, in case it is slow to initialize).
- Add a blacklist_module function, to add module to SKIPLIST, in /etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG.
- If user goes to unload a acx*, warn that it causes instability and offer to just blacklist.
- Remove "dev $INTERFACE" from the end of the route commands (see Sit Heel Speaks report).
- rt28[67]0* to WPA whitelist

I would like like to wait for some feedback before putting it into 4.1.1final, so please grab the package and test it: is a tarball, not a PET package, so you will have to expand it then drag the files into the correct locations.

It's Friday morning 7.30am here in Perth Western Australia. I've got a few other things to do this weekend, but will fit in some Puppy testing -- I'll build 4.1.1final and test it for a couple of days. Then on Sunday I'll check the feedback on the Network Wizard, make sure that's ok,I'll also check the 4.1.1rc-bugs thread. If everything looks ok, or close enough, 4.1.1final will be out Sunday afternoon.

I would like to thank Dougal for the effort that he has put into this. He has been bombarded with bug reports, often with very few clues how to possibly fix them, and he has ploughed ahead.

Posted on 31 Oct 2008, 7:31


Posted on 31 Oct 2008, 8:58 by dogone
I'd like to echo Barry's thanks to Dougal. He's been the model of patience as we sloughed our way through wireless issues. Wireless does and will continue to challenge but much progress has been made. The tireless effort of Dougal and the rest (you know who you are) makes Puppy something very special indeed.

Posted on 31 Oct 2008, 13:05 by Prit1
Net Wizard Worked
I tested Dougal's new network wizard. The ndiswrapper that had problems in identifying the interfaces worked perfectly. Thanks a lot Dougal for fixing this.

Posted on 31 Oct 2008, 16:21 by Bm
Indeed warm thanks to Dougal.
The last 2 weeks I tried to help quite some people with the NW setup.
Indeed few information was given, it had to be teared out.
Maybe I contributed to Dougal's workload as I had to sent some people to his NW thread. (sorry Dougal) ;-)

Posted on 32 Oct 2008, 3:54 by Dougal
Another Update
I'm just uploading another little update.
It's just a couple of little things that should not break anything for people.

Posted on 32 Oct 2008, 4:54 by Bert
Is Dougal an Alien? :n_n:
Must be. How else could he post the above on the 32th of October:

<<Posted on 32 Oct 2008, 3:54 by Dougal
Another Update

Posted on 32 Oct 2008, 5:40 by Pengel
The 32 of October... Mysterious.

Posted on 32 Oct 2008, 6:11 by BarryK
October 32
yeah, PPLOG has a bug. I suppose that I should tell the author about it day.

Posted on 1 Nov 2008, 15:40 by BarryK
Net Wiz Oct 31
Ok, upgraded, testing in 4.1.1 "rc2".