Oh yeah, I had better explain that. Having relinquished leadership of the Puppy project (well, still in the process of doing so), I wanted to go off and play with some new ideas. No particular goals, just play day by day, and as much or as little as I feel like. One of the ideas is a new distro, Puppy-like in usability but without any of its own packages -- instead, it is created by a magic script that downloads and pulls apart binary packages from some other distro. I have codenamed this new project "Woof", and the previous two blog posts are in the new "Woof" category -- I'm exploring the possibility of using Ubuntu packages for Woof, and I am downloading them all while I am in Perth with fast Internet access -- but the proposed magic Woof build script would of course only have to download what is chosen to be in the distro (and devx sfs).

Posted on 2 Nov 2008, 8:35


Posted on 2 Nov 2008, 10:43 by technosaurus
this is how Ubuntu Lite (soon to be renamed) goes about its installation using the ubuntu minimal install cd - read more here --> http://ubuntulite.tuxfamily.org/?q=node/2

Posted on 3 Nov 2008, 8:24 by dogone
Mint Linux
You may wish to consider Mint Linux as the base or inspiration for Woof. I suggest this as a one-time Ubuntu user who fled for the considerably better planned Mint. Mint is Ubuntu based and improves upon it considerably by way of various tweaks and enhancements. Perhaps the best way to describe Mint is Ubuntu done right - without the insanity that comes out of committee planning. Mint is also done more like you might do Ubuntu. It's definitely worth a look. Woof would have access to all that Ubuntu is plus lots of powerful extras that are Mint. Mint 5 Fluxbox is my "other" OS, by the way.