On the forum: Python, 2.6.27 kernel

Lots of interesting things happening on the forum (as usual!).

Lobster has started a thread about Python:
Big_bass has posted some PETs:

...note that Ubuntu has a package called 'python-minimal' which looks quite small. Andof course there's the Python-lookalke named Wirbel (see recent blog posts).

MU has developed the 2.6.27.x kernel for Puppy4 and Puppy3. Worth checking out if you are interested in the advanced features (like smp support):

...one thing I would like to know, some guys are using 4.1.x-retro because the later kernel doesn't work right. Well, I wonder if MU's 2.6.27.x kernel works for you guys?

Posted on 7 Nov 2008, 18:43

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