Genie tutorial

I have made a start, an introduction page:

And a basic tutorial on data types:

UPDATE 28 Nov:
I have expanded the data types page. Some extra explanation is required for declaring strings, arrays and structs, plus I have improved various other areas.
If anyone spots anything wrong, let me know.
UPDATE 28 Nov:
A correction in data types page, struct is really a "value type". Added enums.

Posted on 28 Nov 2008, 16:19


Posted on 28 Nov 2008, 18:02 by logan
GTK error
There is a minor error in the tutorial

it should be

valac --pkg=gtk+-2.0

note the +

otherwise you will get error: gtk-2.0 not found in specified Vala API directories

Posted on 28 Nov 2008, 23:02 by raymundo dionicio
genial genie
This new genie/vala language really looks like a joy to work with.


... An itch from a final user:

I used to think that when choosing the glue to attach the stack of a distro the preferred tools where the well tested, tempered by use and time.

Posted on 29 Nov 2008, 8:26 by BarryK
Vala bugs
I'm writing a tutorial on the various decision statements, for, while, if, etc., and a couple of simple examples failed to compile. That was using the release version 0.5.1 of Vala.

I reported one yesterday, a failure to iterate through a dictionary, and that is already fixed in svn.

Today I have reported a compile failure for a very simple if ... else example. When that gets fixed I'll upload a new vala .pet package.

I'll also hold off uploading the new tutorial until all the examples actually work.

This is the price I pay for being on the bleeding edge, a virtually brand new compiler! The main developer Jürg Billeter is very responsive and helpful, so I have faith that whatever bugs I discover will get promptly fixed.