New filenames for Woof

As discussed recently here:

I've settled on the new names for Woof files:

woofr555.sfs 'r' means rootfs (or release).
woofsave.2fs The save file.
woofz555.sfs The zdrv file, if built with one.
woofu555.sfs Unipup currently has a sfs that mounts on /usr.

woof-unleashed/DISTRO_SPECS has the overall system specifications:
#prefix for puppy files... exs: woofr555.sfs, woofsave.2fs, woofz555.sfs

We decided that it is wise to stick with the 8+3 filename limit for the base Puppy files. So DISTRO_FILE_PREFIX should be chosen to be from 1 to 4 characters.
A built system will have that file at /etc/DISTRO_SPECS.

I edited various files to support this (all changes untested).
In /etc/rc.d:
functions4puppy, functions4puppy4, rc.shutdown, rc.shutdown-UNIPUP, rc.sysinit-UNIPUP, rc.update
In /usr/sbin:
bootmanager, puppyinstaller, remasterpup2,, savesession-dvd, snapmergepuppy
In the initial ramdisk:

Posted on 5 Dec 2008, 10:08


Posted on 5 Dec 2008, 11:43 by jeffrey sluggish
Not sure where to report this, but for the past couple of weeks I've had abysmal connection to At a guess it may be an issue resloving the domain because the browser sits on "Waiting for" for most of the time. It may take several minutes to display the page. Sometimes it gets half of the page. I get the same result at work and at home. It used to be blindingly fast, but now it's almost unuseable.