4.1.2: Almost there

That's enough. The bugfixes so far are all fairly simple, unlikely to cause any side-effects, so I'll do a couple days testing then probably upload 4.1.2. Any other issues can be tackled by the 4.2 team (or anyone else who wants to bring out an enhanced release based on 4.1.2).

Here are the 4.1.2 fixes:

4.1.2: RAM save interval bugfix
4.1.2: Pmount fix
4.1.2: modem and network bugfixes
4.1.2: 3rd SFS bugfix
4.1.2: modem fix
4.1.2: XDG menu modification
4.1.2: Pmetatagger 2.1
4.1.2: Bugfix for /tmp/versioncleanup
4.1.2: .deb expansion bugfix
4.1.2: ssb module added to initrd
4.1.2: sort applet, init fixed

Posted on 6 Dec 2008, 7:29


Posted on 6 Dec 2008, 7:49 by WhoDo
Great news, Barry! I'm taking 3 weeks holiday over Christmas and New Year so I'll add your fixes to my Unleashed tree and we should have a 4.2alpha early in the New Year - my wife willing of course! :)

Posted on 6 Dec 2008, 8:37 by disciple
Reinstate pfix=noram?
Any chance of reinstating pfix=noram?
Today yet another person is asking if its absence is a bug.

Posted on 6 Dec 2008, 9:06 by lwill
Sound Card Config
Today I installed 4.1.1 on a machine (full install PII 233) with a Sound Blaster AWE (PNP). ALSA utility found it and modified the modprobe.conf but did not automatically load on reboot. I had to use the boot manager to force snd-sbawe to load. Is this a last minute bug? I never had to do that before, it 'just worked'.

Posted on 6 Dec 2008, 10:30 by bee
Quitting pfind by closing its window will leave the process running.

Quitting by selecting Quit works correctly.

Is this a bug?
Is it known?
Santa Cruz, California

Posted on 6 Dec 2008, 16:14 by tronkel
Will an updated Unleashed tree be made available for 4.1.2?

Posted on 7 Dec 2008, 8:00 by Mike Lockmoore
Want to include VisiHex?
I've developed a GTK hexadecimal file viewer. The beta is posted at http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=36396.

Have you seen it yet? Would you have any interest in including it in Puppy 4.1.2?

Posted on 7 Dec 2008, 13:45 by BarryK
Hex viewer
A GTK hex viewer would be a nice addition to Puppy. I'm not putting anything into 4.1.2, it's strictly a bugfix upgrade. But your app is a contender for 4.2.

Posted on 7 Dec 2008, 18:51 by Dougal
RE: Hex viewer
I think there should probably be plenty of GPL licensed hex viewers out there...