Woof version 0.0.0

I have been working feverishly writing the third script, 3builddistro. There are to be three scripts, 1download, 2createpackages, 3builddistro. The first has not yet been written.

Anyway, the first build, which has equivalent functionality to Puppy4 (in theory, much is broken) is 97MB. Well, well, it actually boots, and I get a desktop. Ubuntu's Xorg 7.4 reports many errors but not enough to crash it. I'm using Rox Filer from Puppy4, and JWM -- but there is no tray, so I can't test any apps -- just get a window saying the tray is missing so can't run the app.

Anyway, I might retire JWM, go for OpenBox. We do have a OpenBox PET pkg, developed by plinej. I might just build with that, see if it runs.

The 3builddistro also builds the 'devx' sfs file, so if I can get the desktop running reasonably well then I should have a workable compile environment.

I'm having fun, will keep at it.

"Barry the builder:

Can we fix it?
Yes we can!"


Posted on 9 Dec 2008, 19:31


Posted on 9 Dec 2008, 23:56 by dogone
Woof boots
That's pretty exciting stuff Barry, and so quickly!

Some of us would like to follow Woof's development in greater detail. Any chance we can tease you into providing more particulars elsewhere @ puppy.com? I'm sure your plate is very full, but the material would be a big help to those eager to learn more about canine anatomy (and Linux).

Posted on 10 Dec 2008, 5:16 by Justgreg
Yes to Open Box
I think Open Box would be a good alternative to JWM. I have been using PupBox and like the look and how it works.

Posted on 10 Dec 2008, 7:42 by cthisbear
" I'm having fun, will keep at it.

"Barry the builder: "

Woof maybe should be changed to Ubarrytoo.

What I've always admired about you is your
Star Trek moments...
"going where no one has gone before ".

As always this should prove interesting.


Posted on 10 Dec 2008, 10:06 by technosaurus
Backup Data
It would be a shame if something happened and you lost all that hard work. Maybe a good point to back up your work to ibiblio. ;)

Its already added to my "to be tested" list.

Posted on 16 Feb 2009, 20:46 by Rahim
How about LXDE instead of JWM?

Posted on 17 Feb 2009, 11:40 by Strangelove
LXDE uses OpenBox. We're just talking about the windows manager here.