A grumble about Ubuntu/Debian

I have been noticing that some Ubuntu packages are quite old. I would like to give an example:

Again, Ubuntu uses a very old version. The 'pnmtopng' utility is broken.

In this case, the problem was fixed by using more recent versions. We are talking about a really old version being used by Ubuntu, and I presume also Debian, which I think is weird -- makes me wonder that maybe they are neglecting some packages.

As I'm in grumble-mode right now, I'll complain about Openbox. I find the bug with SeaMonkey download dialogs to be most annoying. So much so, I might dump it, maybe use Pekwm that plinej has also prepared a pet package for.

LXPanel -- one thing I have noticed is that the nice grouping of items with separators in the second-level of the menu is no-more, as LXPanel just automatically scans the .desktop files.
I really don't know about this automatic scanning thing anyway, in terms of the CPU overhead.

Posted on 28 Dec 2008, 17:55


Posted on 25 Dec 2008, 24:58 by dogone
USB modem support
Are you familiar with Arch Linux, Barry? It's much like a Linux kit. You install the core and employ the excellent Arch "pacman" package manager to select, install and maintain packages. Pacman is a CLI utility, highly scriptable and feature rich. Arch itself is at oncee very cutting edge and very stable. I've built up my own Arch install this past two months and found it superior to every mainstream distro I've tried. Anyway, I suspect you could find a better base candidate than Ubuntu/Debian. The latter two strike me as getting a bit fat, sloppy and slow. And then there is the politics. www.archlinux.org.

Posted on 26 Dec 2008, 2:02 by dogone
Alternate base
Sorry Barry, the title to my last post is mysterious error. Should be "Alternate Base".

It appears one cannot submit blog comments using Opera 9.6.3. Click "Add comment" and nothing happens. I post this using Seamonkey.

Posted on 26 Dec 2008, 8:11 by Leon
Xfce from Gray's xfce 4.4.3 package solved all the problems I had with my most of the time favorite Jwm:

- Seamonkey and Firefox can now display live streaming in fullscreen mode using the latest version of Adobe Flash Player
- All dialog boxes are properly handled.
- All keyboard shortcuts works properly.
- Works very fast and flawlessly.

It has all the features that I like:

- small, fast, simple, easy configurable
- panel autohide
- Xfce menu and my own additional menu
- panel program launcher
- Show Desktop, Network Monitor, Generic Monitor, Clipman and Clock icons in system tray
- my own theme

It hasn't tray autohide property. This is an important feature when using computers with small screens.