Woof alpha2

Presenting the new Puppy Package Manager (PPM). Expect some rough edges though. I have just booted and done basic testing of alpha2, seems ok.

I have written an introduction to the new package manager:


The Woof alpha2 tarball is here:


The live-CD and 'devx' are here:


The live-CD is "Slack Puppy", that is, built from Slackware packages. The Puppy Package Manager has so far only been tested on the Slackware build.

Note that there are still some scripts that have not been updated to the new package system, especially the remaster script and /etc/rc.d/rc.update.

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 11:36


Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 12:21 by dogone
Forgive the liberty, as Alpha 2 is still downloading. Suffice to say, I am very impressed with the collateral material you provide in support of Woof at this early stage. Many do not bother. It delights me simply to read about what you are creating. Your passion is infectious.

But enough rhetoric. On with the show!

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 14:10 by Terryphi
Ubuntu Puppy
Any chance of you adding a "Ubuntu Puppy" live-CD?

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 16:11 by puppymike
Fantastic! Great! Can I use it in 4.1.2?

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 16:30 by BarryK
No, it can't be used in 4.1.2 as it requires a lot of changes. It has to be a Puppy built from Woof.

I discovered one bug: When I installed, I think it was Medit, Python came up as a dependency but I didn't bother to install Python as I thought it probably isn't really needed. But then I found it is. However, Python is not listed in the repositories -- the package manager screens it out as it is already in the 'devx' -- but I don't think that screening should be done.

"Puppy Package Manager" is probably not a very imaginative name. Any other ideas?

Ubuntu build? Yes, ok, that does need to be tested so perhaps I'll do that tonight.

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 17:20 by BarryK
SeaMonkey print preview
while I remember, a quick note to let you know -- print preview in SeaMonkey 1.1.14 in the Slack Puppy build works as-is, I don't have to do anything to fix it.

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 17:27 by BarryK
Forum thread
Lobster has started a forum thread to discuss Woof alha2:


Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 17:55 by lobster
Puppy Package Manager
"Puppy Package Manager" is probably not a very imaginative name. Any other ideas?

PS - Puppy Software

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 18:57 by dogone
PPM rename
"Puppy Packer"
"Go Boy", "Go-boy"
"Snacks", "Snackx"

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 22:30 by happypuppy
Puppy Package manager name
'Pup Biscuits'
'Bow Wow"

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 22:34 by kirk
re:SeaMonkey print preview
I think the Seamonkey print preview problem was due to a missing xorg dependency. I never had a problem with it.

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 22:43 by Puppy Packager names - part II
'Dog Chow'
'Happy Puppy' ;)

Posted on 1 Mar 2009, 24:31 by SouthPaws1
Other Ideas
Puppy Tricks... Puppy Treats... Scamper... Scurry... Scruffy... Scout... Terrier... Hound... Chomp(er)... Puppy Collar...

Posted on 2 Mar 2009, 2:00 by 7of9sdad
more name ideas
Package Management - PAM

Posted on 2 Mar 2009, 2:48 by foo
humming optional
Rover - about time for a tried&true&definitelygnu

Posted on 2 Mar 2009, 3:40 by 8-bit
Your checksum file for devx failed.
Before you get exited about it, I found upon opening the md5 test file for it in an editor, that it referenced the devx file as bing in a subdirectory called sandbox.
I edited the path in the md5.txt file and all is well on my end.
I suggest you edit yours.

Posted on 2 Mar 2009, 10:02 by PaulBx1
more name ideas
Puppy Universal Package Mangler
Puppy Universal Package Fetcher
... Organizer
... Coordinator
Puppy Package Chewer

Posted on 2 Mar 2009, 11:26 by SouthPaws1
Another Set...

Packaging AWesome Software
Packaging All (the) Worlds Software
Packager (of) All (the) Worlds Software
Puppy's Awesome Woof Solution
Puppy And Woof System...

...Mix & Match as you like...

Posted on 2 Mar 2009, 17:01 by amico
package manager name
woof... wam...wamf?

Posted on 5 Dec 2009, 13:28 by mangler
speaking of mangler, Error, failed to download mangler-1.0.0-i486-dpup.pet
can i convert to a woof built puppy pretty easily, since im running off usb? i want mangler, but i need some libgiomm-2.4.so.1 etc, and mangler works fine in ubuntu so i was thinking maybe a uPup or something.

Posted on 5 Dec 2009, 15:12 by gposil
Mangler requires Gtk2+ 2.18 , which no Puppy has yet...although most Woofs will have soon, but not yet. I believe Karmic Upup may have it.