Augeas is a tool that might be very useful for Puppy developers. They have a "lense" for editing xorg.conf. I don't know how difficult it would be to develop more lenses.

Posted on 3 Mar 2009, 19:37


Posted on 5 Mar 2009, 13:27 by GreatnessGuru
Augeas, Oh, the possibilities ...
I'm no "developer", but I glanced through their site,
the wiki especially: "Creating a lens step by step", etc.

Think outside /etc, if you will.
I'm thinking:
- finite state machines
- website maintainance
- geneologies/pedigrees
- etc. (No, no, not "/etc", "etc."!)

Many applications would still use other tools,
also, of course (such as Ghostscript,
of course!), but Augeas seems like a very
handy, Flexible!, addition to the shell toolkit.

Thank you,
Eddie Maddox
Inwood IA USA

Posted on 6 Mar 2009, 15:39 by disciple
That looks like it could be very handy for use by configuration guis. There's a lense for grub and even for smb.conf for starters... but it could be used for jwm and all sorts of things.
I can even imagine Zigbert editing gtkdialog trees with it... if there was a gtkdialog lense :)