Finding homepage via Mandriva

Finding homepage via Mandriva

Ah ha, can find an application's home page via Mandriva package documentation. For the 'make' package, first go here:

Follow "View package information" link:

Brings up a page, with "Homepage:"

...should be do-able to follow those links in a script?

Note, I'm using TEA right now, in Intrepid Puppy alpha3, to compose this post, works fine, but probably want the font size one point bigger.

Note, I'm considering adding an RPM-based distro to Woof, and favouring Mandriva. Partly because of fond memories back when I used Mandrake Linux!
The "club" thing is a bit of a concern though, if it restricts access to online information.

Posted on 22 Mar 2009, 20:18


Posted on 22 Mar 2009, 21:04 by 01micko
Mandr(insert whatever here)
I used to love Mandrake. No one could sway me. I do not like Mandriva... but I love your idea!
Maybne PCLinuxOS?
I dunno!

Posted on 22 Mar 2009, 21:08 by BarryK
Re: finding pkg homepage
This works:

[ ! $1 ] && exit

rm -f /tmp/gethomepage_1 2>/dev/null
wget --tries=2 --output-document=/tmp/gethomepage_1$PKGNAME

LINK1="`grep 'View package information' /tmp/gethomepage_1 | head -n 1 | grep -o 'href=".*' | cut -f 2 -d '"'`"

wget --tries=2 --output-document=/tmp/gethomepage_2${LINK1}

HOMELINK="`grep 'Homepage:' /tmp/gethomepage_2 | grep -o 'href=".*' | cut -f 2 -d '"'`"


Using TEA to write this script has brought up some more problems:
1. I opened a file (HTML) but the color syntax was not automatically guessed. But, there is no way to manually choose it. That's disappointing.
2. A file was open in TEA. It changed, but TEA does not detect a changed file, nor was there any manual-reload menu item. Again, disappointing.

Anyway, I now know how to locate a package's homepage, so that will go into the Package Manager, for alpha4 (as I have already uploaded alpha3, will announce it soon).

Posted on 22 Mar 2009, 21:22 by BarryK
Tea for none
I'm also disappointed that it doesn't seem to have an option to view non-printing characters, like tabs.

Grumble, grumble... oh well, I'll have a play with Medit next.

Posted on 25 Mar 2009, 2:46 by Bosco Bearbank
I've been using medit with Ubuntu and Fedora LXDE desktops. Can't say that I've pushed it very hard, but I like it. It seems to highlight syntax well, and it just feels nice (as does gedit)