2.6.29 kernel

The 2.6.29 kernel has been released:


I am happy with the rc7, so I'm going to play with this final.

Posted on 25 Mar 2009, 22:10


Posted on 27 Mar 2009, 4:14 by happypuppy
Tasty! Woof woof!
Stable EXT4 with unjournaled 'performance' mode,squashfs,drivers for new ATI cards,better support for SSD drives,tons of bugfixes...
Really good stuff.

Posted on 27 Mar 2009, 4:37 by technosaurus
extra driver tree
And more additions to the extra drivers tree that was added in 2.6.28 These are many of the drivers that had to be tracked down and patched in. Only catch is they are not enabled by default. Probably the best thing in the kernel yet since now these extras will be more consistent across distros and get better testing and bug reports.

Posted on 27 Mar 2009, 13:49 by linuxcbon
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I am stuck with 1GB RAM not being enough to remaster puppy...see http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=40354