PPM dependencies bugfix

If you are testing a Woof-built-pup alpha3, checking the dependencies of some packages gives a very long list of dependencies, too long. Gedit for example -- in the case of Gedit, the package manager also takes a very long time to find the dependencies.

I found what was wrong in the code, and the returned list of dependencies for Gedit is now sane.

Another problem has come up though. While testing Debian Lenny-pup, if I choose to view all packages in the 'main' repo starting with the letters 'k' and 'l', the package manager becomes inoperable. They display alright, but clicking on one just makes the CPU very busy and nothing happens. The problem is gtkdialog again -- it gets overloaded by the size of the list. I thought that I had broken the package list into manageable sections by putting them into alphabetic groups, but the 'k,l' group, ALL packages, is about 8,500 packages. Of those about 7,300 are packages starting with 'lib'.

A quick fix would simply be not to display 'lib' packages. I might do that for now.

Posted on 27 Mar 2009, 21:22


Posted on 27 Mar 2009, 21:51 by Bosco Bearbank
Do as Debian does?
You could always something similar to what Debian (and Ubuntu) do with the "l" section; l-, liba-, libb-, libc-, etc...