PPM improved again

This is great, much faster!

The code that finds dependencies was a bit flakey. I rewrote that part of the Puppy Package Manager, and the code is now smaller, exact and faster. By "exact", I mean that it is precise in locating all dependencies, whereas before there was some ...um... vagueness.

The byproduct of this rewrite is that it finds dependencies faster, which is great.

I was wondering what to do about the packages starting with "lib". As mentioned in an earlier post, I screened them out, as in the case of Debian 'Main' repo there are about 7,300 of them and gtkdialog chokes on trying to handle a list that big.
The main GUI window does not really allow for extra radiobuttons for 'liba', 'libb', 'libc', etc.
Of course, you could argue that users don't normally want to install a library -- usually they install an application, and any library dependencies will get installed along with it. Yeah, but I can conceive that you might sometimes want to install a library package...

So I thought, why not have a "Find" box? (as was suggested recently). This is not just for finding a 'lib' package, but is generally helpful for any package if you are unsure what repo or category it is in. So, I have implemented a "Find" box. Right now I'm doing a Slack-Puppy build, which I'll boot off a USB stick then take some snapshots of the new features of the Puppy Package Manager and will post them here.

Posted on 30 Mar 2009, 9:28


Posted on 31 Mar 2009, 5:49 by Dougal
Split Libs
Don't Debian split "lib" into smaller chunks? I seem to recall looking at an installation cd once and it having "lib" split over a few dirs.