Puppy 4.1.3

I find this quite exciting... I have built Puppy 4.1.2 with the Woof build system. This means all the 4.1.2 PET packages, using Woof instead of Unleashed. The end result looks just like 4.1.2, except that it has the Woof architecture underneath, including the lovely new Puppy Package Manager (PPM). Also, all international locale files are now built-in (you are asked to choose the locale for your country/region at first boot, but not yet the timezone).

I resisted the temptation to upgrade packages, as I wanted this to be a proof-of-concept. Does this work exactly as 4.1.2? Seems to, but if anyone is interested, please give it a spin and let me know if there's anything that worked in 4.1.2 but doesn't in 4.1.3.

The packages are not quite the same as 4.1.2, there were some that I had to upgrade, for example I have later Woof-compatible JWM and ROX-Filer packages. It wasn't essential, but I couldn't resist upgrading Dougal's Network Wizard to the March 29th version. The kernel is and the iso has all the modules -- including all the dialup-modem modules, even those bloated Intel 536 and 537 modules (it would save a couple of MB off the iso just by taking those two out!). There is no Xvesa, only Xorg. The size of the iso is 96.6MB.

I probably should clarify that this is a proof-of-concept only and not an official release.

Note that the save file is named 'ppupsave.2fs' so will not conflict with any normal 'pup_save.2fs' files, in fact will ignore them. If you would like to test using an existing pup_save file, just make a copy of one, renaming it to 'ppupsave.2fs'. (don't use a 4.2 pup_save, as Puppy can only upgrade, not downgrade)

I'm running "ppup" right now, contemplating what the next step will be... well, probably do a build with lots of more recent PET packages, some from 4.2. I'll aim for a smaller iso, can get 93MB easily I think.

Anyway, for anyone interested in trying 4.1.3, it's here, as file 'ppup-413.iso':


Note these convenient shorthand notations for Puppy built with Woof:
ppup -- Puppy Puppy
dpup -- Debian Puppy
upup -- Ubuntu Puppy
spup -- Slackware Puppy
apup -- Arch Puppy

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 8:48


Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 10:36 by prehistoric
looks good
I'm posting from ppup 4.1.3 now. I'm looking for an alternative to 4.2 and icewm. (As far as I'm concerned, icewm on puppy just has not been debugged. Saying which may cost me some friends. Sorry guys, I just wasn't up to the task. If I could give you some old machines for test purposes, I would be happy to do so.)

So far, this feels solid.

I note that the March 29 wireless wizard correctly handles many things, but, on this machine with a ralink 2500 card, still quits without starting blinky, so I continue to do a kind of two step, using the wizard first, then running pwireless to get blinky. The wizard still leaves a garbled IP address, which gets corrected to -- on this isolated wireless network.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 11:26 by dogone
4.1.3 working
I copied my 4.1.2 pup_save and 4.1.3 picked it up and ran. Everything's working as it did before save for the loss of my designated "defaultbrowser". I'll continue and report any further aberrations.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 11:36 by happypuppy
Prehistoric wireless
Use the Apr 01 wireless wizard

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 12:14 by smil99
jaunty based dpup
Any plans building upup based on jaunty beta? Looks quite stable and works on my machine which was hitherto beset with desktop freezes when trying to run intrepid based upup due to xorg problems.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 15:56 by tronkel
Puppy Lineage
Does this mean that in the future we'll have 2 Puppy development tracks:
1. "Puppy Pure" - based on pet packages and
2. "Puppy Hybrid" - based on a mixture of distro X's packages plus pet packages.

Lol sounds like marketing for the Smart Car
Successful though!

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 16:16 by 01micko
I knew it!
:D Beauty Barry! This will be the way to build puplets true to puppy IMHO! Thankyou a thousand times...

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 16:19 by BarryK
Upgrade foibles
It's not a bug as such, that you lost the defaultbrowser. The upgrade process upgrades all files that have a older modify date. I could change the /etc/rc.d/rc.update script so that it ignores the /usr/local/bin/default* files and does not upgrade them -- or, maybe checks to see if they point to something valid and if so leave them alone.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 17:06 by BarryK
A bug found
Ah ha! found one!

/root/.packages/woof-installed-packages is a list of the packages builtin to the live-CD, fine except all lines are duplicated. It doesn't seem to break anything though.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 19:10 by capoverde
Downloaded ppup-413 from ftp.nluug.nl (much faster than ibiblio), burnt it and rebooted. Posting this with 4.1.3.

Some different screen messages and a new dialog for localization, very fast boot, but then no apparent difference from Puppy 4.1.2 -- 'til starting the package manager. Here things get exciting... :))

Cheers and thanks a lot Barry, the new-generation Puppy is born today!

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 22:08 by raymundo dionicio
Some self indulging?
If any puppy fan want some self indulging
go to www.distrowatch.com and on
'visit ranking' select last 7 days...

As of today 2009-04-04
Puppy is at second rank
being over consulted only by Ubuntu.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 22:14 by tronkel
Woof in future
Will the Woof build system include an option to build a normal 4 series-like Puppy in the next versions of Woof over and above Debian Slack Arch and Ubuntu?

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 22:24 by Terryphi
Upup Live-CD
I have been using Woof Intrepid (upup) since its first alpha and am impressed with the speed. Thanks for the work you have done on it. Most things work for me now in upup015 but I can't get Gnumeric to print (although Abiword does.)

Any chance of an upgraded upup Live-CD incorporating latest script updates?

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 23:23 by ttuuxxx
About updates
Hi Barry if you do use the new packages, please don't use the Abiword, its flawed we don't have the right fonts in puppy, 'tymes' is needed not 'times' They changed and didn't inform. grrr
also Don't use the updated xsane, I built that for someone who want a working xsane with a gimp plugin, but when 4.2 was released we found out it needed gimp and tiff5 which is tiff4 beta 3,
Ans Cups well thats touch and go works for about 80% of the people the earlier 3 series was better.
So those 3 packages I would stay clear from.
I did update xsane and abiword posted on the forum, basically I reused your last package and added docx plugin from 2.6.6 and the templates, into a all-in-one package with spellcheck turned on, enchant,and the dictionary. Most want the spell check turned on by default, so I configured it that way. :)

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 23:47 by floborg
Express Boot
Puppy has a number of setup screens to get through before the desktop is ready. I only know of the "pkeys=xx" boot option to eliminate one of those screens. Are there any more, and could we add some more?

I was thinking something like:

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 24:39 by dogone
PPM "More Info" slow
Barry, gtkmoz takes a very long time (20-40s) to appear in response to PPM's "More Info". The resultant network activity is sparse and stuggish as well. Something's not right. No other network problems experienced under 4.1.3.

Posted on 4 Apr 2009, 24:51 by dogone
green on orange terminals
I find the new green on orange terminal dialogs very difficult to read. Can we go with a higher contrast combo?

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 2:03 by dogone
PPM find broken
PPM's find is finding nothing.

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 6:32 by pupmike
Good Start
Posting from ppup413. Looking good except:

Network wizard works and stores profile but on reboot have to reload the saved profile and obtain the IP address again each time.

More than one Blinky appears after re-running the Network wizard

Seamonkey seems to be an old version 1.1.11. I thought the version in 4.1.2 was newer?

Thanks for all your creative work.

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 6:37 by BarryK
I find the new green on orange terminal dialogs very difficult to read. Can we go with a higher contrast combo?

There's no green on orange anywhere, not that I know of. In PPM, download 'wget' windows are black text on orange background, same as I used in the old package manager.

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 6:41 by BarryK
Most packages are as per 4.1.2, including SeaMonkey.

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 6:54 by pupmike
One othe thing
One other thing. I had to copy jre1.6.0_12-jedit-4.3pre16_412.sfs to jre1.6.0_12-jedit-4.3pre16_413.sfs (/mnt/home) to get it to appear in Bootmanager. This problem is probably the same in other Puppy's but a bit of a nuisance as I now have 2 Java sfs's as I still use 4.1.2 on the same PC from a different sub-directory. I know I could probably just rename them without the 41x but I like to keep the original names as record of what I am using.

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 7:11 by mikepup
& another 1 other thing
PM problems. I tried ALL puppy-4 on the top row and All types from the left list. It locked up on me so I had to kill it. When I re-ran PM on the top repo list it looks like:

puppy-woof puppy-woof puppy41x puppy41x puppy4 that is double Repos.
Rgds Mike

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 8:36 by BarryK
PPM Find
I just now tried 'Find', works for me.

The 'More info' is a tad slow on my laptop, 5 secs.
Are you testing on a PC with limited RAM, and/or slow CPU? My laptop is 1.5GHz Celeron, 256MB RAM.

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 8:50 by happypuppy
Kernel released
Kernel is out!

It's time for a new woof-based spup :)

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 10:51 by BarryK
More info button
I remember now why the 'More info' button is slow. For PET packages, the homepage for a package is found by a roundabout way. PPM downloads a webpage from the Mandriva site, follows a link on that webpage to another Manadriva webpage, then follows another link to the package homepage.

I's the only way I know of to locate a package's home page. It's not perfect, as Mandriva don't have all the same packages as in Puppy, and in some cases I think they don't have a link to the homepage.

So, perhaps if you are on dialup it will be extra slow.

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 11:35 by dogone
PPM's wget colors
Here's the problem. My default rxvt color scheme is green text on black. The green apparently carries over into PPMs's wget terminal. Can your scripts over-ride both user text and background colors?

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 11:45 by dogone
re: More info button
I'm on DSL and the net was not slow at the time. But as there will always be some delay, it's best the browser window appear immediately to reassure the user. Is there any way to display "Please wait..." until the target is rendered?

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 12:34 by cthisbear
Xvesa- Keep me please BK
" There is no Xvesa, only Xorg."

Example as to why I like Xvesa.
Radeon 9200 SE video card.

I have just fixed an XP machine with this card.
Type up those specs on the net.

What a crappy driver.
That miserable lot from ATI.AMD couldn't
be bothered to fix it....800x600 is what
you get if you are lucky in XP.
And forget Vista.

Xorg froze me out when I set a test.

But guess what?
Xvesa works at 1280 x times whatever.
No fuss. No drama.
Please enable Xvesa for those type of
god awful cards.

Don't worry. He got a puppy 4.2 disk
and save on his computer for punishment.

Pie in your eye........ATI.


Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 14:15 by GreatnessGuru
SeaMonkey 1.1.16, very soon
mozilla . dev . apps . seamonkey
"Please Help Testing:
"Quick" Security Release
for SeaMonkey 1.1.16"

Thank you,
Eddie Maddox
Inwood IA USA

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 14:36 by 01micko
upgraded 412
Did the 4.1.2 pup_save rename to ppupsave and upgrade was seamless, took about 4 minutes if that.
Now fo load dev_x...

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 15:12 by BarryK
Re: green text
Here's the problem. My default rxvt color scheme is green text on black. The green apparently carries over into PPM's wget terminal. Can your scripts over-ride both user text and background colors?

Yes, rxvt will accept a '-fg black' option. (fp=foreground). I'll put that in.

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 17:10 by 01micko
woof from woof?
Yes. 4.1.3 running here, running 2createpackages, almost done... woof, woof!

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 20:51 by 01micko
woof from woof ;)
Well I made an spup from a ppup. It works. I am running an old clunker too. I'm happy... Thanks Barry.

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 21:03 by dogle
re: Seamonkey version
As I recall, the Seamonkey 1.1.11 in 4.1.2 had a bug causing crash with the Print Preview function, so you commented that function out. Would be useful to have it back; you mentioned that it seemed to be OK in the 1.1.14 with your Slack build early March.

Posted on 5 Apr 2009, 22:12 by ttuuxxx
Here's the seamonkey I made for 4.2 with the new theme and throbber :) and monkey menus etc plus mail
and it doesn't crash with print preview, I made a fix for that.

Also DogGone you have to edit the scripts, one at a time, WhoDO chnaged rxvt background to black with white text in 4.2, so I had to go around and find each script and give them a foreground and background colour, so if you change rxvt it doesn't change the script, you only have to do it once :) You might be able to find the updated scripts in the repo. or in the 4.2 alpha/beta/release sections, or just use the scripts from 4.2 if you have them handy.

Posted on 10 Apr 2009, 2:30 by exProphecy
Desktop icons
Hello BK! I just tested out 4.1.3 and I am liking the new PPM! There's a small, weird bug though with the desktop icons. By default, they are on Stardust. But if I change them to something else, like FlatOrange, it reverts back to Stardust upon reboot.