Homepages found fast

It was reported that the "More info" button in the new Puppy Package Manager could take a very long time to bring up a package's homepage. This was testing "ppup".

I've fixed this, it is now about instantaneous, well, as long as it takes the HTML viewer to startup and then render the webpage.

This fix came about as I was working on extending the scripts in Woof to support T2. I was writing the code that translates the T2 package database information into the Puppy standard format, when realised that T2 also maintains the URLs of all package homepages. So, I added to the script some code that generates file 'PKGS_HOMEPAGES', which now resides in /root/.packages/. This lists every package known to T2, plus some more. It is 140KB, but worth it I reckon.

The result of having that file is when you now click on the "More info" button, the homepage is immediately known and loaded in the HTML viewer. If perchance it isn't listed in PKGS_HOMEPAGES, the HTML viewer goes to the wikipedia, which has a good chance of success.

Note, the above is only done for "ppup" and "tpup". The Debian/Ubuntu/Slackware/Arch Woof builds have their own package homepages. Well, in the case of Slackware, the entry from the PACKAGES.TXT db file is viewed.

Posted on 7 Apr 2009, 11:34


Posted on 8 Apr 2009, 20:24 by Dougal
New Firmware
Barry, I assume you'll be using a new kernel.
In case you haven't noticed, there's a new ethernet module named myri10ge, which requires firmware that can be got from:

Posted on 9 Apr 2009, 9:45 by BarryK
Re: Myri10GE
Thanks, I've downloaded it.

Posted on 10 Apr 2009, 9:38 by Raffy
(Similar concern) Loading drivers: in 4.20, Puppy loads RT2570 when it should be RT73 (Classmate PC).

Posted on 13 Apr 2009, 21:16 by BarryK
Small homepages file
file 'PKGS_HOMEPAGES', which now resides in /root/.packages/. This lists every package known to T2, plus some more. It is 140KB

I have reduced that to 19KB, it now only has the homepages for packages actually in Puppy.